Africa’s demographic growth and increased urbanisation is creating new demand across the construction sector. Cerafik aims to break the reliance various African countries have on exporting their abundant raw materials for construction usage, by kickstarting, fostering and/or catalysing the local production of floor tiles.cerafrik


Up to 70% of cashew kernels are classed as waste during the nut production process. Sucawat aims to create bio-charcoal and non-edible industrial oil from waste cashew kernels, transforming a polluting by-product into a saleable asset for producers.

Cashew Processor

ATIF is working with likeminded partners to promote cashew processing in several African countries, including Benin. Africa produces 55% of the world’s raw cashew nuts and accounts for 90% of global trade in the product because it is not processed locally. The Fund’s work aims to boost local economies by increasing cashew kernel exports, creating over 50,000 direct and indirect jobs and strengthening sustainable cashew kernel and by-product processing

Africa Pharma

Growing pharmaceutical consumption in Africa is being driven by demographic expansion just as the continent increases medicinal exports. ARISE is investing in the production of generic medicine production with one facility operating in Gabon, plants under construction in Gabon and Togo and development work underway for facilities in Côte d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Chad.


Ivindo is a joint venture with Fortescue Metals Group Ltd, (in which the Africa Transformation and Industrialization Fund holds 20%) to explore and develop the Belinga Iron Ore Project, working in partnership with the government of Gabon.ivindo


Aera is Africa’s largest independent originator and trader of CO2 emissions reduction certificates (also known as carbon credits) and renewable energy certificates. ARISE holds a 35% in the business as part of its efforts to tackle climate change on the African continent.aera


M AUTO is a leading source of sustainable transportation offering ‘mobility as a service’ across Africa, with innovative systems that accelerate earning potential through the ownership of productive assets. Operational in Benin and Togo, the electric vehicle company’s economical and practical solutions promote sustainability within the African continent. M AUTO's mission is to provide access to innovative and sustainable electric mobility solutions to improve the quality of life of their customers.Mauto
This would enable a new affordable, digital and personalized e-mobility lifestyle, with the aim of offering the best experience in various geographical areas.
The largest provider of e-mobility (electric vehicles) in Africa, M AUTO has more than 3000 e-riders between Togo and Benin and more than 7.5 million km traveled. With 100 operational battery swap stations and two employees on site at each station, the electric mobility service provides people with low incomes the option to pay-as-you-go or to become an owner with a low-cost entry point.
On average, a thermal motorcycle emits 1,500 kg of CO2 per year. While the lifespan of thermal motorcycles is three to four years, electric motorcycles are estimated to have a shelf-life of 10 years. The introduction of 3,000 electric motorcycles between Togo and Benin will significantly reduce up to 4,500,000 kg of CO2 each year for the next 10 years.
In addition, M AUTO has started the construction of clean industrialization platforms, creating skilled jobs in engineering and manufacturing, and aspires to create jobs for 500,000 people by 2030 across Africa. With manufacturing and assembly plants, the electric vehicle company will be the first to manufacture electric motorcycles and batteries in Africa.
Demonstrating the ability to rapidly execute a global green transition strategy in Africa, M AUTO has signed the largest carbon credit transaction for electric mobility in Africa. Aspiring to improve everyday life in the African cities by reducing traffic pollution, a major public health issue for urban populations, M AUTO’s potential for social impact is particularly notable in cities where transport infrastructure is poor, youth unemployment is high, and the number of motorcycle taxis is increasing.
M AUTO will be present in Rwanda before the end of the 2023 and plans to launch operations in Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, DRC and Tanzania before the end of 2025. M Auto’s goal is to reach one million active customers by the end of 2025.

ATMS (Africa Textile Management Services)

The global textile and apparel industry is defined by its complexity of processes, with ceaselessly evolving and agile facets. ATMS provides its consulting services exclusively to the host textile companies in the ARISE IIP Textile Parks throughout the African continent. ATMS takes a bold and pragmatic approach to business strategy, with a unique vision centered around facilitating West African industrialization by converting domestic cotton into high-value garments to amplify the “Made in Africa” brand for local, regional and international markets.ATMS logo


Specializing in the construction of solar power plants in Africa, SOLEN is based in Dubai with branches in Africa, particularly in Gabon. SOLEN is currently responsible for the design, financing, construction, ownership, operation, and maintenance of a solar photovoltaic power plant with a maximum installed capacity of 120 MWac to be built in two (2) successive phases of 60 MWac each. SOLEN’s first project site is located approximately 16 kilometers southwest of the city of Ntoum in Gabon and covers 251 hectares of land.Solen Logo

Sequoia Plantation

Togo presents a wide plethora of fast-growing flora. Sequoia Plantation Togo SA U plans on planting 100,000Ha of forests in Togo. Through this, local Timber will be transformed through sustainable sourcing. The vision behind Sequoia Plantation is to not only foster a rapidly evolving landscape through the planting of millions of trees, but also to directly boost revenue for local farmers and unemployed workers in the rural communities of Togo.

ARISE Infrastructure Services (IS)

Located in Benin, Glo Djigbe Industrial Zone is a c.500 Ha industrial park (phase 1) with a primary focus on agro-commodity processing, (e.g. cashew, cotton and timber). A joint venture between the Republic of Benin (35% stake) and ARISE IIP (65% stake), GDIZ is under construction and will start operations in Q1 2022.

Integrated Industrial Platforms

Investment date

October 2021

Operation type

Acquisition of a stake in parent company ARISE IIP




Under construction





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